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not happy

ketira in worstenemy_fans

No, I'm not happy.

While I'm new to this community, I'm not new to the show; I used to post on NBC's Forum about the show.

I have an idea that I think we should put forth to NBC: move MOWE to the SciFi channel. While it is a thriller, some of the technology probably doesn't exist --yet--, meaning that it can be classified as SF and not just thriller. If not SciFi, then why not sell it to TNT? Give them total rights to the show, including the scripts of the cancelled episodes....

But there's one other way we Fans can act: The People's Choice Awards. It's not too late to get your friends to vote for MOWE, especially if you have a HD recording box (such as TiVO). Show your friends what they have been missing --then get them to vote. Just tell them to go to http://www.pcavote.com/pca/? --and click on "Poll: Canceled TV Shows".

In the late 1960's, NBC had a similar problem - and the fans turned it around. That show has now become a "cult classic". What show was that?

Star Trek. It not only influenced the fans, but the entire country. It made them think of Life beyond Earth --and reach for the stars. It is why we have the Space Shuttle now, and are working on a base on the Moon.

If one show can do all that.... ;>


The only thing about moving it to the Sci-Fi channel is - are the budgets big enough there to do it right? Maybe it could go to one of the subscription cable places?

I'll vote for it on People's Choice. I'm pretty upset about it being over, too.
I'll vote as well.
Similar things happened to Journeyman and that was my most favorite that aired on NBC.... Just wish NBC just let it run it's full season, damnit.
If I can vote for two shows, sure. Otherwise, my "Cancelled TV Shows" vote has to go to Pushing Daisies.

February 2009

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