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Green Arrow & Black Canary yes

maquisleader in worstenemy_fans

Righty or Lefty?

I noticed something in the last epi, when Henry is walking down the hallway in the hospital and he pulls the gun out and imagines shooting -- he's holding the gun in his right hand. Since Christian Slater is left handed -- and Edward is always shown with the gun in his left hand, except for rare circumstances -- is Henry right handed?

Back when we saw the home movie of Henry as a child, I thought it was a blooper that the boy used his right hand to sign the ball glove, but now I'm wondering if they just flipped the image to make him appear right handed.

I'll have to pay more attention to the rest of the epis we get and see if I'm right. I just wish now I hadn't deleted the first 2 epis from my DVR! I just knew there'd be a dvd set out after a successful first season. *kicks NBC*


That's one of the ways they show the difference... Edward is Left handed, Henry is right handed.
I hate to admit I hadn't caught it, either. The home movie I wrote off as a blooper. I'll blame it on only seeing each epi once. Obviously they need more study.

I've always been a big fan of his, so hardly a hard task. lol
I'm sure there will be a DVD set out. After all there was a DVD set of "The Bionic Woman" which was also cancelled mid-season.
Here's hoping.*crosses fingers*
Christian specifically mentioned that on a couple of the talk shows; Edward is left handed like himself, and Henry is right handed. It's one of the subtle differences utilised to show the difference between the two.

February 2009

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